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Celebrate getting the right to vote

30 June 2022

Categories: Democracy education

Obtaining one’s citizenship is an important moment in the life of an immigrant to Québec. Citizenship comes with the right to vote in various elections. This step is worth noting!

Every year, thousands of new citizens are added to the permanent list of electors. They will now receive a personalized letter, signed by the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, in addition to their confirmation of entry.

This new component of the Voting in Québec program is intended to congratulate new citizens residing in Québec on obtaining their citizenship, in addition to informing them of their new election rights, which allow them to actively participate in our democracy by exercising their right to vote.

In this letter, we invite these individuals to consult a new page on our website, which contains information about voting and how our election system works. They are also offered the opportunity to register for an online information session—which will be held monthly—to learn more about polling proceedings and how an election works.

Promoting Québec’s democratic values is at the heart of Élections Québec’s mission. This new initiative is part of the institution’s plan stratégique 2019-2023 (in French only). To take an active part in the democratic life of our society, citizens recently arrived in Québec must understand how it works. With Voting in Québec, we are doing everything we can to enable them to fully exercise their new election rights.

About Voting in Québec

The Voting in Québec program exists since 1996. It was designed to provide immigrants with the knowledge and skills required to exercise their right to vote. This program is offered to francization schools, newcomer support organizations and other socio-professional integration organizations. It offers a participatory workshop, which can be held by a member of the Élections Québec ticket. A discussion kit is also available for stakeholders who want to present the workshop and adapt it to their needs.

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