Campaign for the leadership of a provincial political party - An elector who makes a contribution must follow the rules

November 11, 2014

Quebec City, November 11, 2014 – In the context of the current race for leadership of the Parti Québécois, the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, Lucie Fiset, wishes to remind all concerned of the rules governing the leadership campaigns of a provincial political party, especially with regard to electors wishing to make a contribution to any of the candidates.

These rules apply in principle as soon as the position of party leader becomes vacant and remain in force until all candidates have fulfilled the legal obligations regarding management of their finances. It should be recalled that transparency of sources of financing is one of the fundamental objectives of the Election Act.

A different process from current party financing

Although the principles underlying the financing of a leadership bid are the same as for party financing as it currently stands, the process of collecting contributions is marked by important differences.

Each candidate for party leadership must designate a financial representative who, along with persons authorized by the latter, are the only individuals who can collect contributions. Only an elector may make a contribution. Every contribution must be accompanied with a contribution slip. The slip must include a declaration signed by the elector that the contribution is being made out of the elector's own property, voluntarily, without compensation and for no consideration, and that it has not and will not be reimbursed in any way.

The total amount of an elector's contributions may not exceed $500 for all candidates and for the entire leadership campaign. A contribution of more than $50 must be made by cheque or other order of payment. The contribution is not sent to the office of Chief Elector Officer, but made on behalf of the candidate and deposited in an account held by his or her financial representative. An elector may also make a contribution by means of a credit card using the Chief Elector Officer’s website.

An elector who makes a contribution to a candidate in a leadership race may also make contributions for a total amount not exceeding $100 for the benefit of the political party per calendar year during which the leadership race takes place.

In addition, an elector may contract a loan, or guarantee a loan taken out by a financial representative, to cover campaign expenses, if previously authorized by the candidate.

On the seventh day after the date on which the leadership campaign begins and every seven days after that until the leadership vote, a candidate's financial representative must send the Chief Electoral Officer the contribution slips completed by each contributor.Not later than five working days after receipt of the contribution slips, the Chief Electoral Officer shall post on the Chief Electoral Officer's website certain information appearing on the slips, including the name of each contributing elector, the amount paid and the name of the candidate who received the contribution.


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