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Our general commitments

Our actions and our commitments reflect the values that guide us as expressed in our strategic plans, i.e. impartiality, fairness, independence, transparency, competence and integrity. A respect for these commitments stems from the professionalism and dedication of our staff, always eager to offer you high quality services.

A quick and courteous reply

You can count on us to

  • clearly identify ourselves during any communication with you;
  • listen to you carefully to fully understand your request;
  • serve you respectfully and courteously; and
  • promptly respond to your request.

High quality information

We do everything in our power to

  • provide you with complete information that meets your needs, as well as documents written in clear and easy-to-understand language; and
  • offer you a high quality website with data that are updated on a regular basis.

Confidentiality of personal information

We take all necessary steps to

  • ensure the confidentiality of personal information in our possession, in accordance with prevailing legislation.

Easy access to our services

We ensure that

  • you can contact us via the method of your choice: telephone, email, social media, fax, regular mail or in person at our offices;
  • you can speak to a member of our staff during our opening hours, toll free, from anywhere in Canada or the United States; outside these hours, you have access to voicemail;
  • during election periods, our opening hours are adapted, in order to meet higher demand;
  • during the revision of the electoral map, public hearings are held in sufficient number and at appropriate locations; anyone who so wishes can be heard and any representation, whatever its form, is accepted.

Adapted services

You can count on us to

  • take the necessary measures to adapt our documents and services to the needs of persons with disabilities; and
  • maintain our websites in an accessible format.