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Voters in training

The Voters in Training program will return this fall for the 2021 municipal general elections. Introduce young people to the exercise of the right to vote by organizing an election simulation in your school or youth organization. The young people will then be able to vote for real candidates at their town hall

Results will be posted on our website as early as November 8.

Voters in Training is an education for democratic citizenship program that immerses young people in the very heart of a real electoral experience. Voters in Training is offered free of charge to all elementary (3rd cycle) and high schools in Québec as well as youth organizations. By registering in Voters in Training, you will have access to:

  • all the electoral material required for the simulated election (ballot boxes, polling booths, ballot papers, etc.)
  • teaching activities;
  • a guide to help you organize simulated elections (including various scenarios based on health rules in force);
  • the opportunity to win scholarships.

Voters in Training is divided into three components


Simulate to learn how to vote!

The Schools component is intended for staff members of elementary schools (3rd cycle) and high schools (general and vocational training) who want to integrate education on democracy into their curriculum in an original and dynamic way.

This component proposes teaching activities that are in line with the Québec Education Program. The process culminates with the organization, in class or in an educational institution, of a simulated election during a provincial or municipal election campaign.

Youth organizations

Simulate to experience democracy!

The Youth organization component is intended for youth organization workers who want to give young people a unique and practical experience with democracy.

This component offers workshops that will raise their awareness regarding the important role they will have to play in society as citizens. During a provincial or municipal election campaign, they will even be asked to create a simulated election!

Small polling stations

Experiencing democracy as a family!

Parents are invited to introduce their children to the electoral process by accompanying them to the small virtual polling station.

During their virtual visit, the young Voters in Training learn in a playful and fun way about the different steps in the election process (welcome at the polling station, use of the polling booth, placing the ballot paper in the ballot box, etc.). They also perform a tangible democratic act by filling out a ballot paper featuring a question specifically designed for them, and then placing it in the virtual ballot box provided for this purpose.

Voting is open to children from all municipalities in Québec. The results of the poll will be posted on the Élections Québec website.

Élections Québec has coordinated the Voters in Training program since 2015. It is offered free of charge throughout Québec, in both English and French (under the name Électeurs en herbe). The program was developed and piloted by the Forum jeunesse de l?île de Montréal between 2001 and 2014.

Questions? Contact our team:

Telephone: 418 644-1090, ext. 3414
Toll-free: 1 800 644-1090, ext. 3414