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Since june 1, 2023, our news are published in French only.

2 June 2020

Tabling of our report on political financing

Our report on political financing in 2019 (Financement politique : bilan et perspectives 2019, available in French only) was tabled in the National Assembly on May 26,2020. In the area of political financing and election expenses, Élections Québec exercises an educational and enforcement role. This report therefore presents the results of these operations. It reports on […]

Categories: Financing, expenses, and contributions, Institutional

7 May 2020

The 80 years of Québec women’s right to vote

Eighty years ago, on April 25, 1940, women in Québec obtained the right to vote and the right to run in elections. On the anniversary of this event, Élections Québec wishes to highlight the efforts of some inspiring women who fought for these rights and several dates marking the progress of women in politics. April 25, 1940 […]

Categories: Institutional, Voting

11 February 2020

INM Winter School: Élections Québec offers a profile about involvement

Organized by the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM), the 12th edition of the Winter School will run from February 14-16, 2020 at Sherbrooke CEGEP. Geared towards 15-to-35 year-olds from around Québec, the event is based on the theme “Ouvrir la voie” (Paving the Way). Élections Québec’s team will be animating a profile entitled “Voie d’engagement” (Getting Involved). […]

Categories: Democracy education, Institutional

11 February 2020

Chief Electoral Officer’s reflections and recommendations on Bill 39

Pierre Reid, Chief Electoral Officer and Chair of Québec’s Commission de la représentation électorale, recently took part in the special consultations and public hearings on Bill 39, An Act to establish a new electoral system, in order to share his reflections and recommendations on the proposed legislation. During his speech, Mr. Reid made observations on various aspects of Bill 39, […]

Categories: Institutional, Provincial, Voting

31 January 2020

Annual meeting of junior elected officials: student council members learn about democratic values

Promoting democratic values lies at the heart of our mission. Élections Québec, in partnership with the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) and under the auspices of the Vox populi : ta démocratie à l’école! program (in French), will be presenting the second annual meeting of Québec’s youngest elected officials (Rendez-vous national des jeunes élus). Are you in charge […]

Categories: Democracy education, Institutional

13 December 2019

Citizen round table members address the challenges of election officer recruitment

At their meeting held on October 11, the Citizen round table members addressed various challenges associated with election official recruitment. This is a daunting issue for our institution because we need to hire tens of thousands of people to work at polling places during general elections. The members’ brainstorming sessions led to a number of […]

Categories: Institutional

25 November 2019

Survey on methods people use to get information

Élections Québec wishes to make voting the most accessible possible for everyone. Accordingly, we have recently published a short survey to find out what methods electors with special needs use to get informed. All those interested in doing the survey can take it online until January 11, 2020 at (in French only). We invite […]

Categories: Institutional

6 November 2019

Rules concerning school governance: Pierre Reid appeared before the Committee on Culture and Education

Pierre Reid, Chief Electoral Officer, expressed his opinion in favour of maintaining school elections during his appearance before the Committee on Culture and Education on November 5. He was commenting on Bill 40, the bill aimed at reviewing the method of school governance in Québec. “I am of the opinion that the Act respecting school elections should […]

Categories: Institutional, School board

1 October 2019

2018-2019 Annual Management Report: a year marked by the provincial general election!

Our 2018-2019 Annual Management Report (in French only), which outlines our efforts over that period marked by the provincial general election, was submitted to the National Assembly and is now available for consultation on our website. The provincial general election on October 1, 2018—the first ever fixed-date election in Québec—resulted in the election of 125 MNAs. As […]

Categories: Institutional

16 September 2019

Online consultation on Internet voting

Starting today, we are consulting the public about Internet voting as part of a study we are carrying out about this subject. What do you think of Internet voting? We want to know your opinion about this voting method, whether you use Internet in your everyday life or not. Take a few minutes to complete […]

Categories: Institutional, Voting

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