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In Québec, referendums are consultative in nature. Since 1978, they have been governed by the Referendum Act.

Through this consultation method, the population is called upon to express an opinion on a question or a bill passed by the National Assembly. This consultation is made by means of a poll which unfolds in a manner similar to that of a general election.

Instructions by writ

A writ, issued by the government and addressed to the Chief Electoral Officer, indicates the date of the referendum and the question that will be the subject of the referendum.

Outcomes of the referendums held since 1980

To date, four referendums have been held in Québec.

These documents are made available only in French.

1995 Referendum

1992 Referendum

1980 Referendum

Referendums held in Québec

Voting of inmates and electors outside Québec

Results of the Referendum in Nunavik – April 27, 2011

Referendum on the creation of the Nunavik regional government. Here are the official results of the poll in which 14 villages of the territory, along with the Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement residing outside of Nunavik, were able to exercise their right to vote on the following question: "Do you approve the final agreement on the creation of the Nunavik Regional Government?"

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Additional information

Also, to learn more about referendums held in Québec and Canada, please refer to the 3rd edition of the following electoral study: Instruments of Direct Democracy in Canada and Québec.