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Election Recruiting

You are interested in helping out with the next provincial election and you are available during the election period or on election day?

We need you!


Do you have the right to vote, do you enjoy working with the public, and do you want to try this unusual experience for yourself?

When the recruiting period is open, you will be able to apply online on this page.

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Recommendations from political parties

The political parties represented in the National Assembly are required to make recommendations to the returning officers regarding people available to work during elections. They can provide a list of names to the returning officer in every electoral division in election with a view to filling positions related to the polling process and counting of the votes. If the positions cannot be filled on the basis of their recommendations alone, we will contact people who have applied.

Working conditions

Salaries range from $15.43 to $20.43 an hour. All mandatory training hours are paid.