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Change of address

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Measures different from those outlined on this page may be in effect for the November 7, 2021, municipal general elections due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, we will release more specific information. For more information, please consult the Act to facilitate the conduct of the 7 November 2021 municipal general election in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, tabled on April 25, 2021, and the draft by-law arising under this Act, published in the Gazette officielle on April 9, 2021.

Are you moving?

You must go before the board of revisors to make an application to correct the list of electors. A relative, your spouse or a person who lives with you can make an application on your behalf. To change your entry, you must present two identification documents.

Where is the board of revisors?

To find out the location, the dates and times of operation of your board of revisors, please contact the returning officer of your municipality.