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Inventory of personal information files

Under section 76 of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and privacy, we are required to establish and maintain an inventory of our personal information files. A file is an organized collection of personal information, that is to say, information about an individual and allowing for his identification, used in the mandates assigned to us.

We file any personal information that:

  • is identified or presented in such a way as to be retrievable by the name of a person or a sign or symbol particular to him; or
  • has been or is intended to serve him for a decision concerning a person.

You have the right to be informed of the existence, in a file of personal information, of an information about yourself, and to obtain a copy of that information. You can also require that any personal information about you be corrected or destroyed if it is inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous, or if its collection, communication or conservation are prohibited by law.

If you wish to obtain or correct the personal information that we hold in one of these files, please submit a request.

Personal information files

Here is the list of personal information files held by us (available only in French):

  1. Permanent list of electors
  2. Electors – provincial poll
  3. Candidates – provincial poll
  4. Electoral officers – provincial poll
  5. Returning officers files
  6. Electoral contributions
  7. Authorized political entities
  8. Sector funding
  9. Criminal registry
  10. Register of persons interviewed
  11. Register of complaints and files with or without legal impact
  12. Competitive recruitment for returning officers
  13. Electoral officers compensation
  14. Employee file
  15. Employee medical file
  16. Staffing
  17. Human resources development
  18. Managing financial ressources
  19. SAGIP
  20. Managing access to buildings
  21. Request for access to information
  22. Information center
  23. Candidates and members of the Citizen round table file
  24. Control of election expenses